Monday, December 12, 2011

Our trip to Big Sur!

This picture was at a resort in the outerskirts before Big Sur. It's called Ragged Point Inn. And me and Chuck might be deciding on this place to get married. This picture will be the view when we say our "I dos".
This is at night at Morro Bay. It was the perfect sunset. We had our tent right on the beach and could hear the waves all night. That's Morro Bay rock in the background.

This is during the day time before the sun set at Morro Bay.

This was at Hearst Castle. Cool thing to do also. I was on the balcony of one of his Great rooms and was able to capture this shot. Thats the Pacific Ocean in the far background. I didnt want to leave this place.

Again this picture was the sun setting at Morro Bay.

I surprised Chuck with a trip to Big Sur for passing probation! It was a long probation...22 months! And because he passed he was awarded Big Bear station for the next year...whoohoo!!
We drove up the coast along Hwy 1. I had gone when I was little but remember nothing of it. So it was awesome this time. We went the day after Halloween, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. These pictures are only some of our trip that I took on my phone. Until I become smarter than my SD card, I will upload more. Our first day we camped in Morro Bay, and fell in love with it. The next day we drove up to Big Sur and camped in a tent-cabin. It had a roof and floor and half walls. The windows were roll-up canvas. Probably something we wouldnt try again, but the experience was pretty interesting. Then we took a day trip to Monterey Bay and toured the aquarium and Cannery Row, and Fisherman's Wharf. It was by far one of the coolest trips we had been on.


Yes, I am still alive. I am not somewhere in the Utah mountains becoming the deers' main course because Chuck hid my body there. I have a camera that is smarter than me and decides to ignore me when I tell it to upload to the computer so that I can assure everyone that I am still alive. Nothing has changed with me. Still at the same ol' job, dating the same ol' guy, and living with the same ol' woman!
Until then......

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trip to Chuck's Fire Station.

This was the scenery on my way back from visiting the station. Must be nice to see this while working the whole time.

Chuck driving the fire truck.
This is station 96 in Fawnskin, Big Bear.

Chuck's 30th Birthday Party!

Chuck pretty much his all time favorite buddies at his party and they all hung out, ate, and had fun.

Chuck and his long time friend Tim.

Linda, Me, Chuck, and Alex.

J.W., Enoe, BV, Darryl, Ed, Chuck, and Jason.

Trip to Utah in August.

She looks so fricken cute with her new grown up hair cut. Sam says she loves it and keeps swishing her hair around.

I had Sam cute all my hair off and go back blonde, and Chloe wanted to take a picture of it. The pics above is of her after her hair was also chopped off with the same exact cut as mine.

Me and Peyton on our way to the Lindon Pool. He doesn't like taking pics, so this is rare that he smiles.

We decided to put makeup on miss Chloe and put my earrings on her, and this was the end result. She now has an upcoming contract with Toddlers&Tiaras!! Im her manager.

The many faces of Miss Chloe. She loves to take pictures and be the center of the pictures.

We told her to pose and this was the end result. Can't get any cuter than this.

Me and my best girlfriend. She can make anyone laugh on the worst day of their life! This was my third time floating down the raging waters that takes about 2 hours to get through. Chloe was able to ride on Sam's lap while the rest of us froze and got frostbite.
Getting ready to get on our inner tube and float down freezing water.

Of course Patrick in the background. Me and Sam up on the ridge of the mountain. It started to rain really hard, like it does in the movies, and so we had to hurry and hike back down and get undercover under the roof of the porter potties.

Peyton and his "old training" bike and his big helmet that he never takes off.

Buzz and Melissa. This kid was so funny the whole ride up to Utah. He was listening to his "oceans" movie with head phones on. We all couldnt stop laughing. It was way funny to see all the grandkids together and play and beat each other up.

This was a place in the mountains about 25 min north of where Sam lives that we went to, to go hang out and ride the quads and have a picnic. The water was right by our site and it was cold as Antartica. The kids kept playing in it, and then complaining that it was cold and getting all muddy. Needless to say, they had no problems going to sleep after this fun filled day. On our way back to Sam's house we went Geo-cashing and found our first one since we started looking. It was in a field up on a mountain that required about a 10 minute hike and the view was remarkable. You could see the whole state of Utah and it was during sunset, so there are no words to explain that phenomenon.

Lisa, Lady Charlotte, and Chris.

Patrick(Lisa's brother), Me, Lisa, Chris, Charlotte, Sam, Chloe, BSam, Peyton, Melissa and Bryis. This time I tagged along with Chris and Lisa again and Melissa came also. Made the trip more family! All we were missing was Jenny and all the "Smith" kids would have been there.

Chloe playing on the other side of the trail in a little stream of water that she can't quite get too wet in. I love this child!

Our site was to the right of this picture. The water is a runoff of the mountains and the snow it gets every year. You can drink this water without having to go to the ER later. Thats how fresh it is.

Trip to Utah in June.

Chris, Lisa and Charlotte and I made the trip together. Here is our last night before heading back to California.

Chris tried the surfing ride at the Lindon pool in Utah and this is how it went the whole time! We were all laughing.
He falls.....And wipes out!!!

The Pontious Family. This Lindon Pool Aquatics Center is a very nice place to go chill at if you don't have a pool at home and it is hotter than Africa outside. The kids can go down the water slides and relax in the lazy river.

Sam and Chloe coming down the big slide that the kids can not get enough of.

Linda's Wedding.

Chuck's little sister Linda got married on May 29, 2011 at the Mitten Building in Redlands. Perfect weather accompanied us and she was a very beautiful bride. Congratulations!

My mom made my dress the day before, and I have never have had a dress as pretty as this one. I wore it with some Paris Hilton's lepoard heels and black jewelry. Got a lot of compliments on it and even better, Chuck was in "aw" of it. And Chuck look just as handsome as ever. Hadn't ever seen him in a Tux before. We were a pretty hot couple that night.

This beautiful couple would be Peepo and Meemo. They have been married for 57 years and are Chuck's grandparents. Peepo walked Linda down the aisle.

This is a pic of the rehearsal. Chuck was helping peepo to his seat. The place was really pretty and it turned out to be a nice wedding.